About Us 

The Faire

Canterbury Renaissance Faire is an invitation to participate in an imaginative interactive environment modeled on elements from a plausible Summer Market Faire from the era of “Good Queen Bess” (Elizabeth I, 1558-1603). We see it create an interactive stage where faire goers can experience the sights and sounds, science, entertainments, crafts and life styles of Elizabethan Village Folk celebrating the best of their village life.

Faire Staff

Nancy White

Canterbury Faire owner, host, promoter, and organizer

Nancy is a professional horse trainer of hunters and jumpers. She started producing events by doing horse shows. With her sisters and children, she later produced haunted events at Whitewind Farm. After visiting several Renaissance Faires, she was interested in hosting one at her Whitewind Farm in Silverton, OR. “The area has nothing like this show. It is unique to the general public. Canterbury Faire is fun and educational. It gives the participants and visitors alike a chance to experience the Elizabethan era. The jousting show is a spectacle that most people never get to see. “For me, the hope is that as you enter the faire site, you will feel that you have transported in time to another era. That is the challenge. I have a great staff! Without them and the many volunteers, I could not produce this wonderful renaissance faire.”

Barbara Windus

Faire secretary and the ticket booth

Barbara lives and works in Salem, OR. She has hand painted all of the wonderful signs in and around Canterbury Faire.

Ian Kofahl

food vendor manager, podcast producer, and our voice for radio ads

Ian is a machinist who works in Hillsboro. He is also an accomplished chef.

Mike Reifel

Site Manager

Mike has been with the Canterbury Renaissance Faire since its inception. He lives and works in Silverton, OR. He is always at faire ready to help everyone. Mike is a fabulous wood carver! He is fond of carving dragons but any piece of wood he starts to carve is a work of art. You can see his work at Canterbury Faire.

Alison White

Our Queen Elizabeth and volunteer coordinator

Alison is a microbiologist. She is also Nancy’s daughter and lives in Willsonville. She works at Intel in the Portland, OR area. She is the most beautiful and gracious Queen Elizabeth. She also organizes the volunteers and works on the promotions for the faire as Queen with her court.

Sir Micheal Groshong

Staff Historian

Micheal is retired. He has a degree in Renaissance Era. Micheal is also a member of the Guild of the Tudor Rose. That is the Canterbury Faire nobles guild.

Abigail White

Site Safety and graphic arts

Abigail is a chemical engineer and works as a process engineer for Intel in Hillsboro, OR. She is Nancy’s daughter and is always around helping out the workings of the faire. She does the great posters and cards that are all around. Abigail is a very accomplished rider of jumping horses, wood carver, and many other things.

Linda Bye

Volunteers and press kit promotions

Linda has extensive background in promotions. She is also involved with our Raks Zariff belly dancer group.