Merchants & Players

The Faire

Canterbury Renaissance Faire is an invitation to participate in an imaginative interactive environment modeled on elements from a plausible Summer Market Faire from the era of “Good Queen Bess” (Elizabeth I, 1558-1603). We see it create an interactive stage where faire goers can experience the sights and sounds, science, entertainments, crafts and life styles of Elizabethan Village Folk celebrating the best of their village life.

The Merchants

The Pixie Traveling Medicine Show
Cloverfall Designs
Lux Amuletum
Celtic Dream
Pamela Offret Designs
Gaia’s Roots
Midgaarb, LLC
Wildflower Oddities
13th Floor Creations
The Witches Resistance
Ocean Crone, LLC
Riot Fox Repository
Dryaduir Design
Great Jesspectations
Mythica Metalworks
Concrete Met Rose
Flying Skwirl
My Majestic Candle
Oran Mor Artisan Mead, LLC
The Mouse and Shield
Leafs Custom Designs LLC
Viking Krafts and Sable Fleur Designs
Hidden Hollow Trading Post
Flora’s Favors
Touch of the Fae
Dreamtender Leather
A “Little” Twisted Apothecary
Falling Rocks Dice
Rainbow Pirate Crystals “Break Ye Own Geode”
Cloaked in Time
Jillian of Midgard
Talon and Claw
Lily Henry Jewelry
Thee Dragons Hoard
Necessary Magic
Button Bandit Creations
Linda’s Crafty Creations
Fera Academy
Misty Sky Crafts
The Cosmic Exchange
5 Stranded Fairy Tails
Lady J Arts
Wolf Den Emporium
R.L. Tabor & Co
Age Of Chivalry
ZAG Of Bakersfield
Tread Light
Celtic Connection
Red Fox Art and Print
Seven Suns Archery
Steve Boss, self wood bowyer
Two Butterflies
The Dark Maiden
Matters of Hats and Birds
Fesns Fascinations
TH Blade Craft

Kara Bombs LLC
Lady Rebecca’s Scriptorium
Shadowhouse Creations
Viking Craft & Sport
Bodice Goddess
Heart Song Arts Pottery
Goddess Complex Crowns
Stargazer’s Gourmet
As Above
My Faerietale
Might Fly Studio
Wyrd Leatherworks and Meadery
Cannonball forge
Dancing Muse Costume Shop
Roving Horse henna LLC
Queen Designs
The Happy Hookers Box
Tap N Trap
Mystic Fire Forge
Tidal Treasures
Dragonskiln Studio
Dreki Hearth
A Peazants Light
Mother Nature’s Ye Olde Botanical Shoppe
Dragon Lady Creations
Songjay Studios
Wylde Phoenix Leather
Off Kilter Kilts
Redwolf Ltd.
Shadows of Amber
Omni Gaming
Woodmyrtle Shopp
Fairy Glen
The Star Frog
Darthead’s Stickcraft
The Adventurer’s Emporium
Silver Stone Apothecary
cyndi’s sheep shack
The Caravan
Designs by Kate
Nute trinkets
Crown Fellowship
Bedrocks and Broomsticks
The Starry Eyed Raven
Everbee Designs
Fae Built Inc
Ars Magica Herbals
Trinkets, Baubles and Charms (by Giveful Creations LLC)
Noteworthy small harps & DowntheRoadClayworks
Walnut Ink and Quills
Lux handcrafted designs
Accessories of Fae
Fera Academy

The Food

Queen’s Ice Cream
Chef Bo’s
Sissy’s Beverage Emporium
The Holy Grill
Ali Babas Tribal Treats
Oscars Meat Pie Shack
Hungry Hog
Mythical Mini Donuts
Besties shaved ice
wood fired pizza and coffee
Beloved Cheesecakes
Six Stix Gourmet Pretzels llc 

The Entertainers

Celisse’s School of the Equestrian Arts (Equestrian Chaos)
Salem Madrigal Singers
Crossroads Mystic
Seattle Knights LLC
Joshua the Ventriloquist
Troupe Seven Stars
Wonder Elixir of Life Show
Twisted Knickers
Sherwood Renaissance Singers
Faire Games
The Minstrel Darius
the TinkerTailors
Puck’s Rude Mechanicals
Lady Gwendolyn Sirena of Avalon
WiSH Wagon
Clan Volos
Los Grillos Renaissance Consort
The Bardy Brats
BOOM Pirates
Bawdy Juggler
Janet Naylor (Janet the Harper)
Pair of Pirates
Professor Nickel’s Punch and Judy show
Academia Duellatoria
Barony of Terra Pomaria, SCA Inc.
Troupe Seven Stars
Hafla Performance
Mongers Guild
Skard IV Lyfe
Firelight Stories
The Rat Catchers
Crazy boy coy
Wayward Drumming
RyuuAja Music & Productions

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