Merchants & Players

The Faire

Canterbury Renaissance Faire is an invitation to participate in an imaginative interactive environment modeled on elements from a plausible Summer Market Faire from the era of “Good Queen Bess” (Elizabeth I, 1558-1603). We see it create an interactive stage where faire goers can experience the sights and sounds, science, entertainments, crafts and life styles of Elizabethan Village Folk celebrating the best of their village life.

The Merchants

Books of castre

Flying Skwirl

Celtic Dream

Bodice Goddess

WhiteFox Hats

Faery Mysterium

Kathy’s Kreation’s

Amazing Women

Wolf Den Emporium

Shadows of Amber

Great Jesspectations

Stone Wolf Designs

Occams Edge

Lady J Arts

Navarrete Knives

Gaming Geare

Sage & Sea Shrubs

Herb Leonhard Art / The Prancing Pony Gifts

Nute Trinkets

Dark Age Leathers

Kazamir’s Elixirs Coffee

Divine Valkyrie

Noteworthy & DowntheRoadClayworks

Tap N Trap

Oran Mor Artisan Mead

Roving Horse henna

Silver Tide Jewelry

Elizabeth Jewelry

The Rocking Horse Guy

Wyld Pheonix

Alter Ego Costume Design and Rental


Designs by Kate

Brenda The Braider

Earthwalkers Footwear

Stargazer’s Gourmet


Paint Pots Ceramic Studio

Stephannie’s Magic Butter and Kick Ax Chai

All The Queen’s Horses

Pendragon chainmail

Item Woodworks

Redwolf Ltd.

Might Fly Studio


Helen Mask Illustration

Gaean Allusions pottery

Celtic Connection

Otherworld Woodcraft

The Adventurer’s Emporium

The Wizard’s Cache

Valkyrie Dreams

Bridgetown Jerky and Creativitees

Accessories of Fae

Moon Rose Magic Shop


Denise Steele

The Starry Eyed Raven

Professor V’s Magiporium


autumn creek

Jillian of Midgard

The Arcain Emporium


Dancing Asparagus

faceOdd Wearable Art Masks

Dragon Harps

Hadrian’s Hammer-Black smithing

Crystal Quest

Silver Stone Apothecary-soap


Rough Green Edges- clothing

Ars Magica Herbals

Costume mistress

Woodland Shrine

Lambent Creative

Scarlet Onagers

The Coin Pouch & Faire Maidens Trinkets

The Food

Queen’s Ice Cream

Weasel Inn Sassparilly/Hungry Hog

Oscar’s meat Pie Shack

The Holy Grill

Hightower Gaming Cafe

Squatchy’s BBQ

Join us for the best Canterbury Faire yet!

July 23, 24, 30, 31, 2022

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