Merchants & Players

The Faire

Canterbury Renaissance Faire is an invitation to participate in an imaginative interactive environment modeled on elements from a plausible Summer Market Faire from the era of “Good Queen Bess” (Elizabeth I, 1558-1603). We see it create an interactive stage where faire goers can experience the sights and sounds, science, entertainments, crafts and life styles of Elizabethan Village Folk celebrating the best of their village life.

The Merchants

A “Little” Twisted Apothecary
A Peazants Light
Age of Chivalry
Angela Dawn Creations
Armis Magister LLC
Art Recess & Icky Girl Art
As Above
Bodice Goddess
Bronze Stag
Celtic Connection

Celtic Dream

Celtic Kate Gemwaith
Chico Princess Parties
Cloaked in Time
Cloverfall Designs
Cosplayer, Inc
Dancing Muse Costume Shop
Designs by Kate
Divine Valkyrie
DragonsKiln Studio
Dreki Hearth
Dryaduir Design
Eclectics Creations
Elizabeth Jewelry
Epic Chest
Fae built inc
Falling Rocks Dice
Flame and Fable Candle Co/ Vertaki
Flying Skwirl
Giveful Creations
Goddess Complex Crowns
Great Jesspectations
Grimold catcher
Heart Song Arts Pottery
J Bird’s Soaps & Sundries
Jillian of Midgard
Lady J Arts
Lady Rebecca’s Scriptorium
Lux Amuletum
Margie’s Ruffled Papers
Might Fly Studio
Mimir’s Well
My Faerietale
Mystic Fire Forge
Mythica Metalworks
Necessary Magic 
NK Forge and Metalworks LLC
Noteworthy SmallHarps & DownTheRoad Clayworks
Nute trinkets
Ocean Crone, LLC 
Oran Mor Artisan Mead, LLC
oregon rainbow crystals & hand made gifts
Pamela Offret Designs
Planet gear 44
Plundered Wonders and Naked Rainbow Studio
Red Fox Illustration 
Redwolf Ltd.
Riot Fox Repository
Scarlet Onagers
Shadowhouse Creations
Shadows of Amber
Shield Maiden Jewelry & Couture
Silver Stone Apothecary 
SilverTide Jewelry
Smith’s Wolf Den USA, LLC
Som Cordial
Stargazer’s Gourmet
Tap and Trap
The Adventurer’s Emporium
The tinkers keep
The Watch “Cock N Bow Archery”
The Witches Resistance
Tidal Treasures
Weapon Masters
Wildflower Oddities
Wyld Green Apothecary 
Wylde Phoenix Leather
Wyrd leather and mead

The Food


The Holy Grill
Oscars Meat Pie Shack
Three Sisters Kettle Corn
Hungry Hog/Weasel Inn
Queen’s ice cream


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If you were not able to attend for some reason this year, you have until September 1st, 2022 to request a refund. Thanks!



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