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The Faire

Canterbury Renaissance Faire is an invitation to participate in an imaginative interactive environment modeled on elements from a plausible Summer Market Faire from the era of “Good Queen Bess” (Elizabeth I, 1558-1603). We see it create an interactive stage where faire goers can experience the sights and sounds, science, entertainments, crafts and life styles of Elizabethan Village Folk celebrating the best of their village life.

The performers

In the horse arena:

The Seattle Knights – The Seattle Knights are the Pacific Northwest’s premiere sword fighting and jousting theatrical troupe. They combine equestrian thrills, high energy acting, and choreographed stage combat using real weapons and armor.

Equestrian Chaos – Equestrian Chaos has resurrected the legendary Amazon warrior women who are known for their mastery of archery and horsemanship. They will amaze
audiences by combining the ancient art of mounted archery and trick riding to demonstrate the bond that human and warhorse share on the battlefield.

On Stage performers:

Adam, the Bawdy Juggler Rated pg – The Bawdy Juggler is an exhilarating exhibition of wit and dexterity that is pleasing to peasants and princes, alike.

Crossroads Mystic-  Gavin the Crossroads Mystic and the lovely Luv Leigh offer up mystic entertainments in the form of Fire, Fun and Magic.

Sherwood Renaissance Singers – The Sherwood Renaissance Singers was formed as a quartet in 1996. Currently we are a
group of 12 singers, mostly from Sherwood, Oregon and surrounding areas. We perform at Renaissance Faires and other venues throughout Oregon and Washington during the summer months. We sing madrigals and other forms of Renaissance vocal music with up to six parts, in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Latin. Our repertoire contains love songs, and songs of merriment, poignancy and sorrow. Our recordings are available from cdbaby.com: “Good day, Dear Heart” and “PRETENCE and Whimsey.”

Darius – The minstrel known as Darius, trained in near isolation in the desert, under the tutelage of a wise old master for 4 years. Now he has been sent into the world to perform his art for the masses. Delighting in the festive energies of the faire he fills the lanes and the stage with his joyous sound. Fairies rejoice and frolic, Knights and Ladies dance, and Kings and Queens find comfort and enlightenment to the sound of Darius’ mandolin.

The Wonder Elixr of Life – The Wonder Elixir of Life is fast-talking and comedy, with a liberal dose of education and ‘buyer beware’ thrown in for good measure. Combining mountebanks, ‘snake-oil’ salesmen, and infomercial pitchmen, we surprise and delight our audiences with humor and juxtaposition.

Tinker Taylors – The Tinkertailors tell stories through song and tomfoolery! Purveyors of puppetry and foolishnesses, hand-painted crankie song scrolls, jugglings, dance, rope walking, song teaching, and musical fingers for olde tunes and ballads upon lyre, whistle, reeds. Watch them in their prancing shoes come jingling down the road with a wee tinkers cart full of small wonders and magicks.

Janet the Harper – Celtic and Renaissance harp and vocals. Includes some Shakespeare songs, some original material, some audience interaction.

Van Zee Magic – Wonderful magic surprises.

Har le Quinn – Stiltwalker

Riona – Celtic and fantasy singing, in the Irish tradition of unaccompanied performance, from rousing sea songs to tragic love songs to ethereal soundscape songs, Riona does it all, and takes you on a journey through the human experience, with its agonies and ecstacies.

Selam Madrigal Singers – We sing songs from the Renaissance (and earlier). Our music is primarily sung in English, but we
throw in a few German, French, and Italian songs too. We sing without instruments other than a using small hand drum, a tambourine, and recorder on a few songs.

Boom Pirates – Sail the oceans with the notorious Privateers of the Emerald Rose! Queen Elizabeth’s Finest Privateers, and
nautical miscreants, bring the Renaissance to life with their historical presentations and performances! With Shanties, Swords, and Snaphaunce, we’ll be bucklin’ yer swashes until we haul anchor.



Costume Mistress – period costume rental and Fortune telling.

5 Stranded Fairy Tails – Really cool hair braiding!

Roving Horse Henna – Henna

Futurities and Fates – Fortune telling

Ongoing state performers:

The Bardy Boys – We perform tried and true short narrative Faire plays. Throughout the day!

Los Grillos – The Los Grillos “The Crickets” Renaissance Consort revels in performing music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. The group’s vocal music includes classic English madrigals, French chansons, Spanish canciones, and, if you listen closely, you might even hear a catch or two. Instrumental and mixed pieces are performed on a wide variety of reproduction instruments including the familiar recorder; the funny curled crumhorn; the predecessor of the bassoon called the dulcian; the singing cornetto, an odd hybrid of recorder and trumpet; the sackbut, clearly recognizable as the early trombone; the corn amuse, a straightened cousin of the crumhorn; the compact but surprisingly low-pitched racket; the beautiful harp; and a variety of percussion. This extensive repertoire of authentic period music is full of color and excitement!

Entertainment not on stage but all

Frankenstein’s forge – Blacksmithing tools and knives.

Lady Gwendolyn Sirena of Avalon: I am a Sirena, guardian of the fae world. I create memorable moments for young patrons by creating magic wands for them to take with them. I have spells and fortunes for those that seek insight.

Skard IV Lyfe – Frostylocks & Splinter lane acts (music & ridiculousness).

Colin Quinze – perform on the 10 string cittern and scottish small pipes, a wide selection of troubadour and trouvere songs
from 1300 – 1600 (with a lot in the 1500s), in costume and character of a roving French minstrel.

Wayward Drumming and didgeridoo –  Wandering drumming and didgeridoo among the forest.

Joseph of Endalos – A bard of the Oregon Coast by trade, Joseph of Endalos has come forth to bring legend and story to
life on stage! Prepare for a delightful performance full of songs and stories accompanied by the melodic tones of the Irish Bouzouki or thumping rhythm of a drum. Gather round to sing and celebrating the myths and magic of our world. It promises to be an unforgettable show!

Firelight Stories – I tell folk and fairy tales from around the world to the rhythm of the drum. Stories of tricksters, fools, prince and princes, crones, dragons and simple folk that will tickle your fancy and bring a smile to your face.

For the Kids!

The Rat Catchers – We are the rats. Youth acquire a rat catchers license and then they get the chance to chase the rats.
We also do street theater gigs, smash rats and where fun signs.

Ye Olde Fun and Games – period’ carnival games: high striker, coconut shy, splat rat, duck pond, pin the eye patch on the pirate.




Clan Volos – Clan Volos of the empire of medieval pursuits will be welcoming people into thier demostration area to chat about
life in the medieval Era and demonstrate armored medieval combat.

Ji’Lid’s Caravan (Unofficial SCA Weekend) – We will provide a medieval demo of Rapier fighting, Medieval games (both Outdoor and table top) and weaving.

Barony of Terra Pomaria ( Society of Creative Anachronism) –
We will demonstrate medieval living, clothes, food, arts and sciences, armor, fighting, dancing (maybe), games, and Trivia.

Academia Duellatoria –  Sword Fighting demos and lessons

Mongers guild –  Period blacksmithing demonstrations.

Dan the Shipfitter –  period demos on old time ship building.




White Wind stage Schedule

11:00 Riona

12:00 open stage

1:00 Wonder Elixer of Life show

1:30 Tinker Leo

2:00 The Minstrel Darius

2:30 Wonder Elixer of Life show

3:00 Tinker Leo

3:30 Wonder Elixer of Life show

4:00 Open stage

Midsummer Stage (Tavern)

11:00 Piper Tom

11:30 Arden the Fiddler

12:00 Open

12:30 Open

1:00 Arden the Fiddler

1:30 Piper Tom



3:00 Arden the Fiddler


4:00 Open

4:30 Open


Chaucer Stage


10:30 Sherwood Renaissance Singers

11:00 Crossroads Mystic

12:00 Open

1:00 Bawdy Juggler

1:45 Crossroads Mystic

2:30 Sherwood Renaissance Singers

3:00 Bawdy Juggler

4:00 Open

5:00 Bawdy Juggler

Shakespeare Stage


10:30 Lynx Show (magic)

11:15 Los Grillos (music)

12:00 Open

1:00 Lynx Show

1:45 Los Grillos

2:15 Riona

3:00 Lynx Show

4:00 Open



Dancers Round Stage

10:30 Pearwood Pipers

11:00 Raks Sarif (belly dancing)

11:30 Janet the Harper

12:00 Open

1:00 Raks Sarif

1:30 Janet the Harper

2:00 Arden the Fiddler

2:30 Pearwood Pipers

3:00 Janet the Harper

3:30 Raks Sarif

4:00 Open

5:00 Pearwood Pipers

The Bawdy Juggler

This Show has Balls!

And other dangerous flying objects.

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